EDITORIAL: Wear the Mask!

Canadian Jewish Record

Three short months ago, anyone who entered a bank wearing a mask would have triggered a very serious response. Today, wearing a mask or bandana in a bank or any institution, hardly garners a glance. And that is how it should be.

Coronavirus has changed our way of life. In the last three months of lockdown, we have gone from no masks, to accepting the fact that wearing masks is highly effective in halting the spread of this potentially deadly virus. And yet, for many, this seems not to have sunk in. In stores around Toronto, too many shoppers are still unmasked and many still disregard the rules of physical distancing. Even more astoundingly, store staff have been seen without masks. During the past week, many Torontonians taking advantage of the beautiful weather congregated at Cherry Beach in the hundreds, disregarding all health rules,from masking to physical distancing. What’s the matter with us? Do we want a second wave of COVID, which health professionals warn may be far worse than what we have already suffered? If people refuse to do the right thing to safeguard lives and health,then governments must step in to regulate behaviour and impose heavy fines. This is not the preferred option, but given the ignorance or callousness of too many, it may very well become the only option.

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