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Letter to the Editor: Bill 21 Mocks Canada’s Democracy

November 9, 2020 Dear Editor: Re: “Quebec’s Secularism Law Finally Goes to Court, Nov. 4, 2020” Quebec’s trouble with Bill 21—the “Secularism Law”—provides an ample demonstration about why ‘Notwithstanding’ clauses are overtly dangerous to parliamentary democracies. For one thing, the clauses ultimately cater to selfish provincial Premiers looking to steamroll unpopular legislation for purely selfish … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor: Bill 21 Mocks Canada’s Democracy”

Letter to the Editor, November 2, 2020

Dear Editor: It is nice that Erin O’Toole pledges close ties to the Jewish community (New Tory Leader Pledges Close Ties to Jewish Community, CJR, Oct. 30) Unfortunately, his pledge does not apply to the Jewish community in Quebec. In Quebec, he says and does nothing about the fact the Quebec government practices discrimination against … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor, November 2, 2020”

Letter to the Editor – October 13, 2020

Kudos to Babins I applaud Zach Babins for his article, “What do we mean when we talk about free speech?” (CJR, Oct. 9). What happened at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law is an embarrassment to the Jewish community, and no good will come of it. I’m reminded of Groucho Marx’s profound observation that … Continue reading “Letter to the Editor – October 13, 2020”

Letter to the Editor – July 27, 2020

The Two-State Solution: What Now? Thank you Joseph M. Steiner for getting to the most important issue in Peter Beinart’s articles (Peter Beinart’s “Yavne” and its Critics, July 24). You write publicly what many of us have already known. The two-state solution is a mirage. The question becomes, “what now?” Charlie Lior Toronto

Letters to the Editor: July 8, 2020

Responding to Wilkinson July 8, 2020 Jeffrey Wilkinson (“Zionists not Welcome’ and the Responding Deafness,” CJR, July 7) names three points he says are “unhelpful” and “meant to reduce or silence criticism of Israel.” These are the conflation of the terms “Jewish” and “Zionist;” the definition of Zionism as the national liberation movement of the … Continue reading “Letters to the Editor: July 8, 2020”