Rabbinic Reflections

Ilana Krygier Lapides

What’s My Motivation? Parshat Korach

By ILANA KRYGIER LAPIDES A friend posted that her adorable toddler has discovered the magic and wonder of the word, “no.” Apparently, regardless of the question, the answer is always, “no,” spoken loudly, with hands on hips and a defiant twinkle in the eyes. Such is the power of finally having language with which to … Continue reading “What’s My Motivation? Parshat Korach”

Ilana Krygier Lapides

Kvetching and 20/20 Hindsight: Parshat Beha’alotecha

By ILANA KRYGIER LAPIDES In the opening scene of Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s highly-strung character Alvy Singer jokes about two elderly Jews having dinner at a resort. One turns to the other and says, “Boy, the food here is really terrible.” The other answers, “And the portions are so small!” We Jews have a reputation … Continue reading “Kvetching and 20/20 Hindsight: Parshat Beha’alotecha”

Ilana Krygier Lapides

D’var Shavuot 2020, ‘Wither Thou Goest’

by ILANA KRYGIER LAPIDES Wither Thou goest – I will go.Wither Thou lodgest – I will lodge.Thy people shall be my people.Wither Thou goest – I will go. The pilgrimage festival of Shavuot is upon us. Shavuot commemorates the anniversary of our receiving the Torah. We celebrate by listening to the liturgical poem, the Akdamut, eating … Continue reading “D’var Shavuot 2020, ‘Wither Thou Goest’”

Rabbi Reuven Bulka

BULKA: Rabbinic Reflections for the Record

By RABBI REUVEN P. BULKA For the Record, mazal tov on the launch of The Canadian Jewish Record! You begin The CJR as we start a new book of the Torah, B’Midbar, often referred to as the Book of Numbers, even though the word B’Midbar means “in the desert.” The desert is where Israel received … Continue reading “BULKA: Rabbinic Reflections for the Record”