Editorial Team

Bernie Farber – Co-Founder and Publisher

Bernie M. Farber is well known in Canada for his seminal work in human and civil rights. The recipient of numerous awards and Canadian medals he is the past CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress, the Mosaic Institute and the Paloma Foundation. Today he Chairs the Canadian Antihate Network and the Rights and ethics committee of Community Living Toronto.

Ron Csillag – Co-Founder and Editor

Ron Csillag has been a journalist for 40 years in print and broadcasting. He was a reporter for the Canadian Jewish News, on and off, for 20 years and has been published widely in North America and Israel.

Barbara Silverstein – Associate Editor

Barbara Silverstein is a Toronto-area journalist and an award-winning food writer. She was a long-time regular contributor to The Canadian Jewish News. Her articles have also appeared in Homemaker’s Magazine, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and Tablet.

Zack Babins – Associate Editor, Digital

Zack Babins is a Recovering Jewish Professional and political consultant. He lives in Toronto, prefers Montreal bagels, and drinks too much coffee.


Michael Marmur – Photo Editor

Michael Marmur is Founder & President of Pinpoint National Photography.  Pinpoint provides corporate event photography, in-house headshots and the popular HeadShot Salon for businesses, associations, government agencies and not-for-profits, across Canada and the United States.