Letters to the Editor – May 25, 2020

Congratulations on the launch of the Canadian Jewish Record. I immediately had the link posted on our society mailing list and I am sure it will be shared countless times.

We have all wondered what the next voice of the Canadian Jewish community might be, who would step up to lead the way, and what form might a publication take. Of course, I am sure I am not the only one wishing you success.

Stanley Diamond
President, Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal

?I’m writing to congratulate you for creating the Canadian Jewish Record. Best wishes for good luck, good journalism and prosperity to maintain reputable standards. 

Toby Saltzman, Toronto

Loved that you are offering a forum for a Jewish voice. What you are doing is so amazing! It will surely gather momentum. Wishing you and your families and this fabulous endeavour all the best.

Gloria Clamen, Toronto

Thank you so much for filling the huge gap left by the CJN. I hope word about this gets around very quickly. I would like to suggest that you perhaps add a classified section for services and merchandise.

Diane Sidenberg, Toronto

The demise of the CJN definitely has left a void in our Jewish community.  It served as a social, political and religious link, and I for one was wondering what would we do now.  How would we be kept informed of social events, organizational happenings, topics that were important to us as Jews? Then, the Canadian Jewish Record popped up on Facebook. Kol Hakavod to all of you for taking this step in creating a liason for Canadian Jewry.

Wishing you much success,

Sue Shillow
Thornhill, Ontario