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Michael Marmur, Photo Editor

Please help the CJR by following the submission procedure.

Submitting material for publication

Story photos

Send story photos in advance of your article.

Provide a description of the photo, exactly as it will appear in the CJR.

Indicate the story subject so we can match to the article.

Upload story photos:

WRITER Headshot

Submit your photo before you submit your first article; we need processing time.

Send the biggest file you have. For iPhone, send “Original” size, for Android do not Resize Image.

Upload is preferred. Do not email if uploading.

Include your bio at the bottom of your articles, we will insert your photo.

Upload writer headshot:

If upload is not possible, use

Taking the Photo
Camera or phone is OK
Photographer 4-6 feet away from you
Stand 2-3 feet from a plain wall
Don’t stand in front of window
Leave space around you in the picture. Your head and shoulders should not fill the whole photo. Read some headshot preparation tips