Elizabeth Katchen

KATCHEN: The Pandemic, the Environment and Judaism

By ELIZABETH KATCHEN There is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has been devastating in terms of health, social isolation, and the economy the world over. Despite this incredibly challenging time, some people have been given reason to smile. This bright outlook can perhaps be credited to taking a step back, taking stock of what’s … Continue reading “KATCHEN: The Pandemic, the Environment and Judaism”

LAZAR: I Hope my Son Meets a Nice Jewish Boy

By MARILYN LAZAR He had just turned three the first time he placed his feet on Israeli soil. That summer of 1991, those little feet waded into the waters of the Mediterranean, walked the sands of Gordon Beach, and stood in lineups at hotel breakfast buffets. Let’s face it, at that young age, my son … Continue reading “LAZAR: I Hope my Son Meets a Nice Jewish Boy”

David Roytenberg

ROYTENBERG: ‘Annexation’ Could Bring Palestinians to the Table

By DAVID ROYTENBERG For a policy that has not yet been announced and whose details are unknown, the prospect of Israel formally extending its laws to cover additional territory in Judea and Samaria has provoked a great deal of reaction. It is reminiscent of the Palestinian Authority’s out-of-hand rejection of the proposed Trump peace initiative, … Continue reading “ROYTENBERG: ‘Annexation’ Could Bring Palestinians to the Table”

David Goldberg

GOLDBERG: Unraveling Jewish Conversions in Israel: Not an Easy Task

By DAVID GOLDBERG Rabbi Andrew Sacks is a “glass half-full” kind of person. As the Conservative movement’s point man in Israel on conversions, Rabbi Sacks is confident that the day when recognition of all conversions to Judaism in Israel, whether conducted by Conservative, Reform or Orthodox rabbis, is within reach. This, despite the discriminatory treatment of those who seek recognition as Jews in … Continue reading “GOLDBERG: Unraveling Jewish Conversions in Israel: Not an Easy Task”

My Jewish Experience: Creating Allies in the Fight Against Anti-Black Racism

By AKILAH ALLEN-SILVERSTEIN When people see my last name, “Silverstein,” there is no mistaking it: My Jewishness is obvious. But the question is, more often than not, “So, I guess you’re married to a Jew?” I am light-skinned and wear a Star of David, so the assumption that I could not be mixed race is … Continue reading “My Jewish Experience: Creating Allies in the Fight Against Anti-Black Racism”

Daniel Jubas-Malz

JUBAS-MALZ: ‘Never Again’: Jews for Black Lives

By DANIEL JUBAS-MALZ As a teenager, my Zaide, Don Jubas, made headlines when he refused to enter a skating rink after his Black friend, Harry Gairey Jr., was denied entry. While a seemingly small act, his story influenced my perspective as a Jew and emphasized the necessity to combat racism in all forms. Today, I … Continue reading “JUBAS-MALZ: ‘Never Again’: Jews for Black Lives”

BABINS: Judaism will survive social media

By ZACK BABINS Let’s reframe the question.  You hear it, always a problem, all the time. The 2013 Pew study (titled “A Portrait of American Jews” – though it’s become so widely cited in this discussion that I could just call it “the Pew study” and would be generally understood) confirmed what some have suspected … Continue reading “BABINS: Judaism will survive social media”

Stacey Starkman

STARKMAN: Where is the Outrage to ‘Simply Following Orders?’

By STACEY STARKMAN Of all the disturbing images and incidents we have witnessed since the brutal murder of George Floyd was broadcast to the world, of all the unbearable acts of cruelty caught on camera and the revolting and racist statements made in the days following, there is one official comment that seems to have … Continue reading “STARKMAN: Where is the Outrage to ‘Simply Following Orders?’”

Zachary Zarnett Klein

ZARNETT-KLEIN: Making a Difference at York University: A Tale of Appreciation and Frustration

By ZACHARY ZARNETT-KLEIN “What can we do to materially improve Jewish student safety and inclusion at York University?” For six months, this has been the guiding question in my pursuit to make life better and fairer for Jews and pro-Israel students at York.  In recent days, York University released two anticipated reports. The first was … Continue reading “ZARNETT-KLEIN: Making a Difference at York University: A Tale of Appreciation and Frustration”

Dan Aviv

AVIV: I’ve Had it With Jewish Ignorance…

By DAN AVIV …and here’s a recent example. As a Jew, I loved the idea of the “Saturday Night Seder.” Over a million people watched it, and the organizers raised more than $3 million for the CDC Foundation. However, as a Jewish educator, I cringed for much of the hour and 11 minutes. Though Billie … Continue reading “AVIV: I’ve Had it With Jewish Ignorance…”


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