Letter to the Editor: Internet Enables Hate

I am not just outraged but disgusted to hear from Rafi Yablonsky about his experience of being harassed and bullied online by other Jews for posting a about the U.S. election (“Wishing Biden and Harris Well Online? Buckle Up…CJR, Nov. 17).

It is the tragedy of our day that the internet has enabled people to put their worst feelings and thoughts out there and to make it so easy for people to not only disrespect but hate each other. 

Furthermore, as a rabbi in the community I think I need to say that this kind of political bullying; the reflexive hatred of those who do not share your own opinion, and the blind faith in any political figure that leads people to that hatred is not Judaism. It goes beyond sectarianism. It is Avodah Zarah – the worship of idols. Nothing could be less in line with our Torah and tradition. 

Rabbi Jordan Shaner