CJR ‘Flogs a Dead Horse’

I have no problem with people championing the “two states solution,” but I do believe that your publication is flogging a dead horse (CJR editorial, “Annexation Will Destroy Hopes for Peace,” July 3).

How many times must Israel show up for these pathetic summits that appear to be preordained to fail? How many times must Israel sweeten the pie, only to have the offer rejected? How many times must Israel’s prime minister smile sheepishly while someone with a “freedom fighter’s gun” stuck in his belt refuses to approach the signing table?

You may blame Israel for not “pursuing peace,” but that is not at all the way I see it,for the country bled profusely, urged on – not always – by friends to give it another try.

It’s been 40 years of blood, toil and tears, while making friends and forging a nation. And all the while Israel goes on with building the national state of the Jews, while the other side, having forgotten its promise to build a democratic society, keeps on calling for “days of rage.”

Well, they may rage on, but Israel has work to do. 

Nathan Shuster
North York, Ont.

‘We are accountable’

It is despicable that the Toronto restaurant Foodbenders promotes hate and praises terrorism against Jews. Free speech is one thing, but when one promotes hate and terrorism, it is quite another.

Let us never forget that it was these same type of hate and words that led to the Holocaust. Our leaders and politicians should show zero tolerance to Foodbenders and people like them. Enough of political correctness!

Let us teach each other that there is a G-d that watches what we say and do.

We are accountable for our actions. 

We need to teach that every human is created in the image of G-d. 

We can use our G-d-given talents to build or to destroy.

A girl once asked a rabbi, “is atomic energy good or bad?” The rabbi asked, “is the knife in your kitchen good or bad?”

The girl replied, “it depends on what it’s used for.” If it is used to cut food, then it’s good. If it’s used to hurt someone, then it’s bad. The same is for atomic energy and for any technology.

May we all use our G-d-given talents for good things!

Rabbi Yirmi Cohen 
Toronto, Ont.